Our Mission

The North Texas Chinese Faculty Association (NTCFA) is a nonprofit organization formed by a group of Chinese faculty, family, and friends from the North Texas region. The organization promotes friendship among its members as well as understanding and friendship between its members and other people. Through its cultural and professional activities, the organization strives for the betterment of the community of people it reaches and for the personal and professional successes of its individual members.


President: Jiangping Chen (Jiangping.Chen@unt.edu)

Vice President: Tao Yang (Tao.Yang@unt.edu)

Treasurer: Xi Yang (Xi.Yang@unt.edu)

CTO: Haihua Chen (HaihuaChen@my.unt.edu)

Past Presidents

Yi Liu (Yilan.Liu@unt.edu)

Tao Zhang (Tao.Zhang@unt.edu)

Yuankun Lin (Yuankun.Lin@unt.edu)

Jincheng Du (Jincheng.Du@unt.edu)

Yunfei Du (Yunfei.Du@unt.edu)

Su Gao (Su.Gao@unt.edu)

Past Executive Committee Members

Yan Huang (Yan.Huang@unt.edu)

Xinrong Li (Xinrong.Li@unt.edu)

Jianguo Liu (Jianguo.Liu@unt.edu)

Holly Wang (Hui.Wang@unt.edu)

Sylvia Zhang (Sylvia0zhang@yahoo.com)

Jiaying (Cathy) Hu (Cathy.Hu@unt.edu)

Huanbiao Mo (Huanbiao.Mo@unt.edu)