NTCFA needs you!  We welcome anyone living and/or working in the Denton area to become a member of NTCFA.

Membership Types

There are two types of memberships in NTCFA: principal membership and associate membership.


Eligibility for Principal members

A person is eligible to be a principal member of NTCFA if he or she is:

  • A current or prospective faculty member of UNT or TWU; or
  • A current or prospective non-graduate-student research or teaching staff member of UNT or TWU, including postdoc,  visiting scholar, lecturer, adjunct, research scientist, administrator, etc.

Eligibility for Associate members

A person is eligible to be an associate member of NTCFA if he or she is:
  • A family member or a relative of a principal member; or
  • Any person referred by a principal member through a referral procedure (see the membership application form).

Current Membership Fee Schedule

Principal members                                                                          $30 per year
Associate members over 18 years of age                                      $20 per year
Associate members under 18 years of age                                    free

Make your check payable to “NTCFA” contact jiangping.chen@unt.edu to have it pick up.

Your cancelled check is the receipt of your payment. Do not send cash please.

How to Become a Member of NTCFA

Becoming a member of NTCFA is easy!

Please download the NTCFA Membership Application Form, fill it out and send it along with the correct amount (see schedule (link) above) of your membership fee payment to

1155 Union Circle #305074
Denton, TX 76203

Thank you!

Additional Notes
  • We welcome the participation of children as well. Please fill out a membership application form for each person. A parent or a legal guardian is required to sign the form on behalf of the child.
  • For an associate membership application please obtain the signature of the referring principal member before submitting your form. 
  • Electronic copies of completed forms with appropriate signatures can also be sent to members@ntcfa.net. However, we need to receive your membership fee payment in order to process your membership application.
  • Membership fee payment for more than one person can be combined, but in this case please indicate clearly who the payment is for on your check or on a separate piece of paper accompanying your payment.

For any additional questions about membership send an email to members@ntcfa.net.